About Us

At LANBO, we take pride in being a world professional home appliances manufacturer and supplier, renowned across North America and European for our high-quality and innovative products. Our mission is to bring functionality, convenience and style by designing and building the world's best appliances. We strive to dominate niche markets by anticipating our customers' needs and exceeding their expectations. With over 20 years of specialty appliances manufacturing and development experience, our team possesses the networking, passion, and expertise necessary to deliver superior products to our valued customers.

At LANBO, our mission is to enhance lives and elevate lifestyles at home with our high-quality appliances, purposefully designed for real-life situations. Whether you're storing and maintaining your beverages at the ideal temperature, optimizing room comfort, enjoying a luxurious shower experience, or savoring the tradition of homemade meals, Lanbo Appliances are meticulously crafted to support every task in your home.

No need to wrestle with other brands, which may leave you feeling confused. Trust and select LANBO Appliances - your best addition to embrace excellence and elevate your lifestyle!