Warranty & Returns

Lanbo gives the customer a guarantee on the new and used goods purchased. In the event of a warranty claim (i.e. in the case of defects that occur or already exist before or after the product or goods are handed over to the customer), the customer is entitled to repair, replacement or cancellation. If a defect occurs due to material and/or manufacturing defects within a period of 24 months after purchasing the device,

Lanbo agrees, subject to the following provisions, to remedy these defects without charging any costs.
The period for calculating the guarantee period begins on the invoice date.
If a repair or replacement is carried out, the guarantee period is not extended. The invoice or receipt is considered a guarantee certificate and must be kept carefully.

Warranty Conditions

1.The guarantee can only be claimed upon presentation of proof of purchase. The guarantee begins on the delivery date of the device. The purchase receipt must clearly show the date of purchase and the name of the seller. The type number and the unique serial number are indicated on the device. The guarantee expires if one of the listed documents has been changed, deleted, removed or made illegible. We ask for your understanding that the manufacturer can refuse the guarantee without providing proof of purchase, as the proof is used to calculate the guarantee period. You must also provide the name and address of the seller if this data does not appear in the proof of purchase submitted or the data there is no longer current.
2.The guarantee only applies to normal household use and if the installation and operating instructions have been followed.
3. Acceptance of the goods does not constitute an acknowledgment of warranty claims. This requires a separate review, the result of which you will be informed within a reasonable period of time.
4. There is the option of taking out a warranty extension. The warranty extension can only be completed or extended within the warranty period.
5.The sellers cannot assume any responsibility for any shipping delays or impossibility of delivery due to the following reasons: national or local holidays recorded in the calendar, strikes, riots, natural disasters, carrier accidents, thefts, robberies
6.Liability for normal wear and tear, as well as consumables/accessories/etc. is excluded. Guarantee and other claims against Lanbo are only available to the direct purchaser and cannot be assigned. No new maintenance periods come into effect due to the replacement of parts, assemblies or entire devices. If the buyer resells the products, he is responsible for compliance with domestic and foreign export regulations. If the buyer modifies the resold products, he is liable to the seller, the buyer or third parties for any resulting damage.
7. Delivery takes place to the postal address specified by the customer during the purchase process, which was saved as part of the purchase order. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of this address. The seller assumes no responsibility for errors in shipping or incorrect delivery of the products if these are due to the customer providing incorrect or incomplete address when placing the purchase order.
8. To the extent that the information contained in the brochures, advertisements, websites and/or other offer documents has not been expressly designated as binding by the seller, the illustrations or drawings contained therein are only approximately authoritative. Only the seller's own information applies as the quality of the goods.

Warranty claims are excluded if the goods are damaged by:
1. The warranty does not apply if the defect arises from damage resulting from an accident, misuse, neglect, normal wear and tear, external causes (such as electricity, gas, water, temperature) or from interventions or repairs by services not approved by Lanbo.
2. The warranty is void if parts are replaced with non-original parts.
3. Use of force (e.g. punch, push, fall)
4. Failure to observe any safety precautions
5. Failure to follow maintenance and usage instructions
6. Excessive stress or commercial use, defects resulting from interventions or modifications